López-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital led a four-month process to create a comprehensive report for instilling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into the internal processes, organizational mechanisms, and policy programs of the National Ocean Protection Coalition.

Our team designed a half-day workshop with the NOPC leadership team to explore organizational wisdom and processes, understand DEI perceptions and ambitions, and offer a series of trainings and exercises founded on research and two decades of experience in environmental and social justice work.

In order to gather an extensive set of data for a broader understanding of members’ understandings of DEI, ALRAS Digital conducted two comprehensive surveys among the leadership team and the broader coalition. An analysis of over 40 responses to the survey was conducted using various data analysis methods. Supplemental research data was gathered on comparable organizations and their own DEI journeys.

The final 28-page report was released after the four-month research analysis phase was completed. The report was shared and presented to the full organization, with opportunities allowed for questions and discussion among the group and anonymously. Based on feedback from our team, the Coalition's Leadership team committed to discussing the findings and implementing the recommendations at the Strategic Planning Meeting the following month. It can be found on the Our Shared Seas data portal, here. In the months since, the López-Wagner Strategies team continues to support NOPC on their DEI journey. 
López-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital partnered with Greenpeace USA to promote the launch of ‘Countdown to Destruction,’ a three-video animated series featuring Brazilian actress Alice Braga that highlighted the need for more equitable and sustainable food systems.

López-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital formed part of an international team of publicists, media experts, and communications professionals from the U.S., Brazil, and the Netherlands to build a joint strategy around media outreach and placement. Our team was focused primarily on U.S. English and Spanish language coverage.

Over the course of the engagement, our team sent 231 messages to 210 reporters to preview the release of ‘Countdown to Destruction’ with an embargoed press release and official release detailing the success of Alice Braga’s sneak peek IG videos. Additionally, our team reached out to 54 reporters around Fire Drill Friday’s conversation with Jane Fonda.

In addition to the core ask of our partnership, our team cultivated a targeted reporter add-on for media engagement by Greenpeace USA while serving as the primary media contacts. Moreover, we brought in our team’s Spanish-language expertise to support the translation of the press release, op-ed, and pitch for reporters, as well as review of the Spanish language transcript of the videos for use in subtitle files for Countdown to Destruction videos.

The combined outreach, with an emphasis on hard news, Latinx-engagement, and new-age media, secured coverage by NBC Universal - Pulso News, which is the only English language mobile-first video service on the Telemundo network for Millennial Latinx viewers nationally. Additionally, we secured placement of Alice Braga’s op-ed in La Opinión Online and in print edition as well as an interview of Braga with Telemundo’s Vanessa Hauc. The project won a Webby Award in 2021. Click here for more information. 

The Water Hub was designed to advance water-smart policies and programs by supporting the communications efforts of advocates and experts. López-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital served as strategic advisors for The Water Hub in designing and launching an innovative and accessible field grant Request for Proposal (RFP) process that was equitable and accessible to primarily BIPOC-led grassroots organizations working on water issues in the Los Angeles area.

With profound experience in the grantmaking process and an understanding of the inequitable access to the traditional RFP process for grant applications, the Water Hub partnered with our team to completely rethink the process to reach historically excluded groups that were likely to work more closely with communities around water issues.

Our team reached out to grant officers at several foundations, including the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the Rose Foundation, and Sunlight Giving, to learn from and review their most progressive and equitable grant procedures to identify what areas could be mirrored and what processes could be improved.

We worked to expand the Water Hub’s relationships with existing community groups in the Los Angeles region active on water issues by creating a list of two dozen potential groups to include in outreach.

The final deliverables included an online survey and recommended interview with rubric assessment to replace the traditional Letter of Interest (LOI) and RFP process that simplified review and increased efficiency on the applicant and client sides. Our team also provided a media advisory, outreach materials and social media, and process memo to guide the RFP process. You can read more about it, here


The López Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital team served as the day-to-day communications and digital strategist for GreenLatinos, a national nonprofit that convenes Latino leaders to address environmental issues that affect the U.S. Latino community. During a six-month period of staff and board transitions, our team elevated equitable and digital communications, augmented rapid-response crisis communications and investment in additional partnership building, and launched a new website for GreenLatinos

Our team served as the primary contacts and consultants for communications and digital strategy, helping convene and manage additional consultants and staff around communications and digital priorities. These included press releases, media advisories, interview and speaker requests, coaching and training, membership communications, social media schedule, and online advertising.

We also conducted a comprehensive six-month review of GreenLatinos’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Email campaigns to identify post frequency, content patterns, and engagement insights. These takeaways were leveraged for the development and application of a social media strategy that led to triple-digit month-over-month increases in impressions, engagement, and follower growth, as well as double-digit growth in email subscribers.

Our team launched a complete digital and communication asset audit and optimization process. This process led to the creation of a new and original GreenLatinos website, consolidation of email and advocacy tools, and revamping of fundraising platform, all of which were put to more segmented and targeted engagement with members and supporters.