Services Snapshot

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) trainings + analysis 
  • Equitable communications coaching + workshops
  • Language access, translation support and best practices
  • Leadership training + development
  • Media and spokesperson training + coaching
  • Media relations
  • Digital strategies 
  • Latino/a/x and multicultural media engagement
  • Opinion-editorial writing, blogs, perspective pieces
  • Partnership development and analysis
  • Coalition building
  • Funder and donor engagement
  • Inclusive field grant design pilots + programs
  • Message development
  • Content creation
  • Storytelling
  • Speechwriting
  • Campaigns
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Strategic & Equitable Communications

Equitable communications is a daily practice and exercise. It is about more than the words you choose to tell a story, though they really do matter. It’s about fostering inclusivity, it’s about the relationships and partnerships you’ve forged and – ensuring you’re accurately reflecting and framing the aspirations, lived experiences and reality of those you serve in all messaging. 

The images, language and sources we select contribute to the level of equity in our communications, as well as what you can expect from us. Our services include:

  • Media Relations & Specialty Media
  • Spanish Language Engagement
  • DEI & Equitable Branding & Communications
  • Owned, Earned and Paid Media Strategy Development
  • Planning Media Engagement
  • Digital Content Creation & Storytelling
  • Media & Spokesperson Training
  • Language Access Training

Partnerships & Engagements 

Collaborative planning and mutual accountability is the first step in an equitable partnership. How are you forging new relationships and identifying potential allies to work alongside?

Services offerings include:

  • Partnership development
  • Coalition building
  • Donor engagement
  • Organizational culture 

Thought Leadership

Your innovative ideas and experience can be a model for others in the field. Our services can help you own your expertise and deliver your key messages as an effective ambassador for your organization.

Service offerings include:

  • Effective Spokesperson and Media training
  • Goal Setting & Calendar Development
  • Profile Building
  • OpEd and Digital Content Creation

Grassroots Organizing 

We will be your utility player. Whether you are looking to build an intersectional community online or offline, the communications you create and send, and the stories you share will be essential to your digital and feet-on-the-street organizing efforts.  

Content Creation

Let’s create, refine and deploy targeted messaging to captivate your key audiences. Compelling creative content is the perfect pairing to a solid Communications strategy. From press releases and newsletters to event email communications, blogs and op-eds, website and riveting social media copy, Lopez-Wagner Strategies can tackle the content creation, to ensure drafting and advancing this aspect of the work isn’t getting in the way of reaching your audience.


How are your Foundation or organization’s giving strategies advancing the institution's commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice? Lopez-Wagner Strategies can help you connect the dots and advise on grantmaking and program design with a DEI and racial justice lens.

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